Located on the 100 Block we are not only a sip and paint but we provide crafts and art of all kind. We are a collection of local art from Gallery Nights to Henna Tattoo events, we host and travel. We Support Local Artist and the community. #supportlocal #betheArtist #cbsipandpaint #paintparty

Please enjoy some reviews.

I have a really good artist friend who let me into her studio so I can try my shot at making a masterpiece yesterday!! To see the appreciation my hometown has for the visual arts makes me enormously proud to come out of Council Bluffs, and Iowa as a greater whole. Stephanie is living/loving a dream and creating art at her very own “sip & paint,” studio while simultaneously teaching the community the importance behind what she loves. If anybody has interest in taking painting classes, this is a local business that deserves the support!!! ?? #CBSipandPaint

Hunter Gibson

Holy Moly! Stephanie Ann Kenealy is amazing! I’m the least artistic person in the world and Steph makes me look like I kinda know what I am doing! She makes is so fun and always has new techniques and ideas to try it! Monday night we did a resin pour design. I can wait to finish it next week!!

Ashley Johnson


The only Sip and Paint in the Bluffs! Located in the Park Building! We are more than Canvas and Paint.