Have your Birthday Party with Us! #paintparty

Why have your Birthday Party with us?



Your child will have so much fun! They will learn more about arts and crafts while being in a really fun and creative atmosphere with great teachers and energetic help.


* Kids take home paintings/ craft

* You do not clean up the mess (no loose glitter in your home)

* Minimal decorating needed or we can do it for you

* The teacher and staff lead the party (you get to kick back and take pictures)

* It is only $15 each!

* We have so many themes to choose from for GIRLS AND BOYS


* The kids are learning while having fun and jamming out to appropriate music

* The classes are only 2 hours

* We are prepared for all your last second needs (extra plates, napkins, cups, drinks, fridge, balloons, knife ect.)

* You are supporting a local small business

* We serve wine

Ask about extras like invitations and party bags!

The only Sip and Paint in the Bluffs! Located in the Park Building! We are more than Canvas and Paint.